TPLO Plate 2.0-3.5mm 4-10#L
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TPLO Plate 2.0-3.5mm 4-10#L

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Product Description

TPLO Plate 2.0mm 4#-TPLO Plate 3.5mm 10# L

XVP-T01 TPLO Plate 2.0mm 4# 3+3H R Ti 32*4.5*1.7 AO HC2.0
XVP-T02 3+3H L
XVP-T03 TPLO Plate 2.0mm 5# 3+3H R 39*5.5*2.1
XVP-T04 3+3H L
XVP-T05 TPLO Plate 2.0mm 6# 3+3H R 46*6.5*2.5
XVP-T06 3+3H L
XVP-T07 TPLO Plate 2.4mm 5# 3+3H R Ti 39*5.5*2.1 AO HC2.4
XVP-T08 3+3H L
XVP-T09 TPLO Plate 2.4mm 6# 3+3H R 46*6.5*2.5
XVP-T10 3+3H L
XVP-T11 TPLO Plate 2.4mm 7# 3+3H R 53*7.5*2.9
XVP-T12 3+3H L
XVP-T13 TPLO Plate 2.7mm 6# 3+3H R Ti 46*6.5*2.5 AO HC2.7
XVP-T14 3+3H L
XVP-T15 TPLO Plate 2.7mm 7# 3+3H R 53*7.5*2.9
XVP-T16 3+3H L
XVP-T17 TPLO Plate 2.7mm 8# 3+3H R 60.25*8.5*3.25
XVP-T18 3+3H L
XVP-T19 TPLO Plate 3.5mm 9# 3+3H R Ti 67.5*9.5*3.65 AO HC3.5
XVP-T20 3+3H L
XVP-T21 TPLO Plate 3.5mm 10# 3+3H R 74.5*10.5*4
XVP-T22 3+3H L
XVP-T23 TPLO Plate 3.5mm 10# L 4+4H R 88*10.5*4
XVP-T24 4+4H L

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