about us

Ningbo Jinhong Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2020. We have our own factory which specializes in researching, manufacturing & selling medical & Lab products. Our Main products are diagnostic products, medical tubes, wound dressing, hospital uniform, first aid kit, Laboratory instruments, hospital equipment and so on.

  • The use of sphygmomanometer

    1.Before the sphygmomanometer is enabled, check it first. The dial of the sphygmomanometer that can be used normally refers to the "0" position, reacts flexibly after pressure, and can still return to the original "0" position.

  • What are the uses of gauze roll?

    Gauze roll is a commonly used medical supplies, its wide range of uses, mainly has the following aspects: 1️⃣ bandage the wound: gauze roll can effectively bandage the wound, play a role in protecting the wound and preventing infection. At the same time, it can also reduce external stimulation and s...


For inquiries about hospital uniform, wound dressings, mobility aid or price list, please consult us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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