How to control blood pressure


Want to control the stability of blood pressure, for people with hypertension, is not an easy thing, especially high pressure in hypertension, is a headache for doctors, patients suffering from a problem, whether it is high pressure or high pressure, only to master the correct way of blood pressure, in order to control blood pressure, then, how should we control blood pressure?

1. Check your blood pressure regularly. If there are hypertension patients in the family, then be sure to pay more attention, regular physical examination in blood pressure monitor, pay attention to regular blood pressure, so that you can have a better understanding of your body, if there is any situation, you can also exercise self-control.

2. Be cheerful. Everything is open, don't be angry, when things can self-open, learn to tolerate and understand, develop an optimistic character, cheerful mood is conducive to their health, maintain an optimistic attitude, can make their blood pressure normal, angry words blood pressure is easy to go up.

3. Continuous medication. High blood pressure if you want to control well, to continue to take medication, at present there is no way to eradicate hypertension, can only use antihypertensive drugs to control, do not take medicine after a period of time feel good, nothing, do not take medicine, this is very dangerous, many people repeatedly admitted to hospital is because the blood pressure is stable after the stop taking medicine caused, so you must listen to the doctor, continue to take medication.

4. Eat a low-fat, low-salt diet. The dietary principle of patients with hypertension is low fat and low salt, because low fat and low salt diet will not increase the burden of the heart, will not make blood pressure up, so pay attention to the diet, try to eat some light food. Celery can lower blood pressure, can be fried vegetable celery to eat.

5. Early treatment and prevention. If there is high blood pressure or hypertension in the family, pay attention to early treatment and prevention, in addition to paying attention to diet, take medicine on time, but also pay attention to early acceptance of the doctor's system of treatment, pay attention to limit smoking and alcohol, if there is any discomfort to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

6. Control your weight. Pay attention to your weight, don't be too fat, if you are overweight, you should properly control your weight, take reasonable exercise methods, and strengthen physical exercise.

To supplement some protein, vitamins, vegetables and easy to digest food, reduce the concentration of blood, speed up the blood flow. As soon as blood flow returns to normal, blood pressure will naturally return to normal. At the same time, patients with hypertension should eat some light, can only eat less than 6g of salt a day, can not eat more.

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