How to use a stethoscope


The use of the stethoscope mainly includes: correct wearing of the stethoscope, inspection of tightness, and close fitting with the skin.

The correct wearing of the stethoscope: we should first see the direction of the ear tube and tilt the ear tube forward to ensure that the Angle of the ear tube tilt is consistent with the direction of the external ear canal, which is conducive to the transmission of sound.

Check the tightness: it should be checked whether the various parts of the stethoscope are connected well, whether there is pipeline leakage, the better the tightness, the clearer and more accurate the auscultation.

Close to the skin: The stethoscope head should be placed on the stethoscope site, and the stethoscope should be pressed firmly to the skin. It can ensure the transmission of sound, and avoid the friction between the stethoscope and the skin to affect the auscultation. At the same time, ensure that it is carried out in a quiet environment.

Stethoscope is the most commonly used diagnostic equipment in the clinic, mainly used in the heart, lung, artery auscultation, each auscultation site has its different sound characteristics, different sound changes have the corresponding clinical significance, so non-medical personnel can not be good through auscultation for disease diagnosis, such as not suitable for timely treatment, standardized treatment.

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