The use of cotton rolls


Cotton rolls are a common medical product, mainly used for infusion, care and protection. It is made of pure cotton fiber and has the characteristics of softness and strong water absorption.

In terms of infusion, cotton rolls can be used to wrap the injection site. It can effectively absorb and fix the blood and secretions at the injection site, preventing infection and contamination. In addition, the cotton roll can also be used to fix the infusion pipe to ensure the smooth progress of the infusion.

In terms of care, cotton rolls can be used to clean and disinfect wounds. It can absorb wound secretions and blood, keep the wound dry and clean. At the same time, the cotton roll can also be used to apply ointment or potions to help the drug penetrate deep into the wound and promote the healing of the wound.

In terms of protection, cotton rolls can be used to make masks and oral care products. It can be used as a mask filler to increase the tightness and comfort of the mask. In addition, cotton rolls can also be used for oral care, such as cleaning teeth and tongue, to prevent the occurrence of oral diseases.

In short, cotton rolls have a wide range of applications in the medical field. Its main functions include bandaging and fixing during infusion, wound care and protection. By absorbing and immobilizing secretions, blood, and medications, cotton rolls can help keep the injection site clean and dry, promote wound healing, and provide oral care and protection. http://medical-use-absorbent-cotton-wool.html

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