Medical Neck Tractor for Neck Ache
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Medical Neck Tractor for Neck Ache

This Jinhong® Medical Neck Tractor for Neck Ache is usually used on the neck, spine, arms, legs, and pelvis to help with any muscle, joint, or bone problems. These inhong® Medical Tractors for Neck Ache are usually stretches or other exercises that are used to relieve neck pain. These can sometimes involve devices that you can use at home.The Jinhong® Medical Tractor for Neck Ache can mean different things in health care, but it generally refers to using a pulling force to treat joint, bone, or muscle problems. This is often used in physical therapy or orthopedics to treat: • Long-lasting muscle spasms • Dislocation • Fractures • Deformities

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Product Description

The Jinhong® Medical Neck Tractor for Neck Ache can mean different things in health care, but it generally refers to using a pulling force to treat joint, bone, or muscle problems. This is often used in physical therapy or orthopedics to treat:
•Long-lasting muscle spasms

•Ergonomic design: low front and high back, straight traction, fits the neck curve, three layer gasbag, three tube design, fast and uniform inflation, and controllable inflation at the top; the tarp ring locks the side cloth, with good sealing and no air leakage.

•soft velvet fabric: adopted crystal velvet fabric is soft and comfortable, slick and does not irritate the skin. The drop shaped design fits the curve of the human neck better, the opening is loose, does not catch the throat, and is more comfortable; narrow streamline design, avoiding the carotid artery to avoid compression.

•with massage balls: it can massage and soothe the muscles or painful areas so as to achieve better results. It can massage the arms, neck, feet, etc. The middle section of the retractor is concave, which fits the physiological curve of the neck, supports the neck effectively, vertical traction, which is more scientific.

•Usage: When using the retractor, the opening is facing forward, and the neck circumference is adjusted through the sticking buckle. Tighten the deflation nut on the inflatable ball, loosen the stop valve, and inflate the liner of the tractor. Inflate with an inflatable ball until the patient feels comfortable, push the air stop valve and tighten the deflation nut.

•The traction time is based on the condition of you. Generally, the traction time is 15-30 minutes, once or twice a day. After traction, loosen the air stop valve and deflation nut, and deflate slowly to avoid neck pain.Use with massage balls to relax muscles.

Jinhong® Medical Neck Tractor for Neck Ache Specification:

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Cervical Vertebra Tractor
Material: Crystal Velvet
Product Specifications: Single-tube inflatable cervical traction device + massage ball
Scope of Application: Suitable for traction auxiliary treatment of nerve root type cervical spondylosis.
Storage: This product should be stored in a cool, clean and dry place.


1. Try to relax the neck during treatment, and slowly inflate and pressurize to enhance the traction effect.Use a soft-bristled brush to wash with water, do not wash with water, do not soak in water and brush hard.

2. When using, it is strictly forbidden to tear it to avoid air leakage at the bonding area. When the surface of the tractor is stained, it can be cleaned with a soft brush moistened with water. Do not wash with water, do not soak or brush hard.

Special Instructions for Safe Use:
Inflate should be done step by step, not too violently. If abnormal reactions such as dizziness, vertigo, nausea, etc. occur during traction treatment, deflate slowly until the uncomfortable symptoms disappear, then readjust the use, stop traction if necessary or go to the hospital in time.

1. Cervical spine fracture and dislocation
2. Tumor and tuberculosis patients
3. Old cervical spine trauma, cervical spinal stenosis, cervical spondylotic myelopathy
4. Ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament of the cervical spine
5. Vertebral arteriosclerosis, deformity, vertebral osteochondrosis
6. Spinal cord disease

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Device Cervical Neck Traction


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Q1 How about your cervical collar?
A: The cervical collar is made of medical PVC and flannel and should be tested three time before be packed. The first time is the inner tank being made. The second time is the tank be with the outer flannel. And the third time is when the cervical collar is packed. Thus, you can rest assured to enjoy it. 

Q2 What is the size of the cervical collar?
A: It is one size fits all. And the size is ID:14*9cm;OD:32*30cm. 

Q3 What is the thickness of medical PVC?
A: The thickness of medical PVC is about 0.3mm. It is strong enough to support the cervical.

Q4 Are you a manufacture?
A: We are a manufacturer specialized on medicalcare products.

Q5 What is your payment terms?
A: Payment terms: PayPal, Western Union, T/T, Cash.

Q6 Can you send samples?
A: Yes. Samples are available and the delivery time of samples is within 24 hours after confirming.

Q7 I find your product is similar to that I want. Can you make the exact product I want?
A: Yes. We are a manufacturer and welcome OEM/ODM. You can send us the sample, pictures or idea about the exact product you want. We can make the sample for you.

Q8 I need your products but I want my information to be on the box or the polybag. Can you satisfy me?

A: Yes. We can make the box or polybag as your design.

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