What are the characteristics of medical gauze bandages?


Medical gauze bandages are more common in life. First of all, it is a commonly used medical supplies in the hospital. Secondly, many families will also prepare some medical gauze bandages in the medical box. What are the characteristics of medical gauze bandages?

First of all, medical gauze bandages are particularly breathable, which can avoid wholesale infection due to breathable problems. Secondly, it is more comfortable to use, and will not make patients feel tight and itchy because of it. There are many other advantages.

1) Fast hardening speed: The hardening process of medical gauze bandage is fast. It begins to harden in 2-8 minutes after opening the package, and it can bear weight in 30 minutes.

2) High hardness, light weight: to ensure the fixed role of the limb after reduction, and make the affected area bearing small, conducive to blood circulation and wound healing.

3) Waterproof: medical gauze bandage can be waterproof after hardening, you can wear the bandage for bathing.

4) Easy operation, flexible shaping: medical gauze bandage in room temperature water extrusion 2-3 times can be used, can be bent freely, good molding, very convenient operation.

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