Precautions for using tourniquets.


During operation, the body needs to block blood vessels, or due to severe local bleeding caused by trauma, etc., tourniquet should be used to block blood circulation and reduce blood loss. Precautions for using tourniquets mainly include the following aspects:

1. When using tourniquet, attention should be paid to the strength of binding. It should not be too tight or too loose.

2. Pay attention to the time of applying the tourniquet. The tourniquet time should not exceed half an hour, and the tourniquet should be loosened for about 10 minutes every half an hour. If the tourniquet is tied for a long time without release, it will lead to ischemia, which will lead to necrosis in the blood dominated area, leading to serious adverse consequences.

3. When using tourniquet, it is necessary to mark the time and position, so as to prevent omissions and cause adverse consequences. When tying the tourniquet, use paper to mark the time of applying the tourniquet, so as to avoid adverse consequences.

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