What are the categories of needle holders


The needle holder is made of medical stainless steel material, which is widely used in surgical operation.

Needle holder length classification:

The length of the needle holder is selected according to the depth of the surgical incision and the surgeon's habit.

14cm ophthalmology, ent department use

16cm for external hand microscopy

18cm is used in general surgery, gynecology and orthopedics

20cm for intra-abdominal organ surgery

25cm for thoracotomy

Needle holder width classification:

Select according to the thickness of the surgical suture

Core needle holder: the holding force is large, not fine enough, suitable for thick and long stitches, and the suture tissue is tough.

Fine needle holder: suitable for fine surgery, the clamping force is not enough, easy to turn the needle, the suture needle is thin and short, and the suture site is fine.

Needle holder details

In the use of the needle holder, it should be used according to the needs of the operation, reduce the wrong use, extend the service life of the instrument, and reduce unnecessary damage. In particular, the fine needle holder should try not to clamp the core needle and use it violently, otherwise, the next time it is used in emergency need of blood vessel hemostatic suture, it is easy to increase the operation time or risk. More information: https://www.jinhongmedical.com/

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