What are the types of medical tape?


Medical tape can also be called surgical tape. Medical tape can be divided into non-woven tape, cotton tape, PE tape, foam tape, spunlaced non-woven tape, silk tape.

Cotton tape is also called zinc oxide tape, medical cotton tape, chapped tape, sports tape. The product is made of cotton cloth as the base material and is coated with medical pressure sensitive adhesive. It has strong viscosity, suitable for different weather and different skin. It can be used for surgical dressing, catheter fixing, sports product handshake, guzheng finger protection, labor protection, product fixing, etc., wide applicability and easy to use.

Spunlaced non-woven tape is made of spunlaced non-woven fabric as the base material and coated with medical pressure sensitive adhesive. The product material has good air permeability and can keep the skin dry. Suitable for excipients, needles, catheters, bandaging and fixing, health care dressing, etc.

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